Personal & Home Defense: Level I

Personal & Home Defense: Level I tactics_on_point_logo_1
Jason Winkle – Senior Instructor  – Tactics on Point
9:00am 5:00pm

Course Description:

This Level I course includes classroom and range time focused on the use of a pistol for personal and home defense.  Classroom instruction introduces participants to the fundamentals of target hardening, ballistics for home defense, choosing a weapon platform, and understanding the psychological & physiological responses to stress.  Range time includes firearm safety, stance & movement, muzzle discipline, speed vs. accuracy, stress reloads, stoppage drills, and target identification drills.  

 Cost:  Special Introductory Pricing ($125 for Precision Gun Range Members/$150 for non-members)

 Required Equipment/Gear:
*Pistol (any caliber)
*300 Rounds of Ammunition (minimum)
*Eye & Ear Protection
*3 Magazines minimum
*Long Pants
*Closed Toe Shoes 

Suggested Equipment/Gear:
*Extra Magazine Carrier or Pants with Cargo Pockets
*Rain gear (Weather Dependent) 

Suggested pre-requisite Courses:
*Introduction to Personal & Home Defense
*Introduction to Basic Pistol (Add date and time of your NRA course)

**No videotaping**

Call 812-829-1747 to reserve your spot and make payment.