Personal & Home Defense: Lecture

Personal & Home Defense:  Lecture tactics_on_point_logo_1
Jason Winkle – Senior Instructor  – Tactics on Point
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Course Description:
This lecture addresses various components of an effective approach to personal and home defense. Concepts addressed include target-hardening your home, selecting a weapon platform for home defense, understanding ballistics, strategic use of lighting, solo and partner home defense, introduction to the physiological and psychological response to high-fear situations, and how to store your firearm for quick access.

*This course provides an excellent introduction to the Personal & Home Defense: Level I Course. (This course is being offered on Sept. 10, 2016)

Cost:  Special Introductory Pricing ($25 for Precision Gun Range Members/$35 for non-members)
**Bring a friend/spouse/partner—and your total cost for both people is:  $45 for PGR Members/$60 for non-members)

**No videotaping**

Call 812-829-1747 to reserve your spot and make payment.