Civilian Active Shooter Response

Civilian Active Shooter Response tactics_on_point_logo_1
Jason Winkle – Senior Instructor  – Tactics on Point
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Course Description:
An Active Shooter situation includes any individual or individuals who are actively killing, or attempting to kill people, in any manner, including but not limited to, the use of explosive devices, firearms, and edged weapons.

This course includes classroom and range time focused on how a concealed carrying citizen might respond to an active shooter situation. Classroom instruction introduces participants to weapon familiarization, firearm safety, and mindset for high-threat situations.  Range time will focus on movement, stress reloads, tactical reloads, speed vs. accuracy, target identification, facing movements, barricades, and stoppage drills.

Cost: $150

Required Equipment/Gear:
*Pistol (any caliber)
*200 Rounds of Ammunition (minimum)
*Concealed Carry Holster
*Eye & Ear Protection
*3 Magazines minimum
*Long Pants
*Closed Toe Shoes

Suggested Equipment/Gear:
*Extra Magazine Carrier or Pants with Cargo Pockets
*Rain gear (Weather Dependent)

Suggested pre-requisite Courses:
*Basic Pistol Course & Personal & Home Defense Level I

**No videotaping**

Call 812-829-1747 to reserve your spot and make payment.