Spencer Shooting Range Resuming Operations After Thorough Safety Review

Spencer, Indiana – Today, Precision Gun Range, LLC of Spencer issued a public statement that it will be resuming operations of its rifle range within the coming days. After certain property owners more than a half mile to the south of the range made allegations that projectiles found on their properties came from the range, Precision voluntarily suspended use of the rifle range earlier this year. While there was no proof that Precision’s rifle range was the source of projectiles in an area known for many types of shooting on private property, Precision retained a leading, national range safety expert to review the range’s design and safety and operational protocols. The expert made several recommendations for further safety enhancements, in light of the pending litigation against the range, all of which the range has now implemented. The expert’s report concludes that with the safety enhancements in place the range both meets industry standards and a very high level of safety with respect to persons and property off-range. As a courtesy, Precision has shared the safety report with the Owen County Zoning Board and the local sheriff and state police, and it has met with the sheriff to go over the report.

Precision Gun Range will be reopening the rifle range on December 1, 2017.