Our Shooting Ranges

Pistol Range *Open*

25 yard pistol range with 16 lanes.

-Shooters can use shotguns (clay/birdshot) and rifles firing pistol-caliber rounds (.22/9mm).

-Armor-piercing rounds (e.g., green-tip) are prohibited.

-Drawing from the holster is prohibited, unless qualified shooters are authorized by the Chief RSO.

Authorized shooters seeking to practice drawing from the holster must fire in-front of the pistol bay, when no other customers are present, and must be accompanied by the RSO on duty.

Rifle Range *Open*

100-yard rifle range with 24 lanes.

-Standing while firing is prohibited, except under specific and supervised circumstances, as authorized at the discretion of the Chief RSO.

-Armor-piercing rounds (e.g., green-tip) are prohibited.
-Bump-fire rifle modifications are prohibited.